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In the world of news and media most people are mainly exposed to content creators. These are people who write and create their own content. For instance we read the papers and their commentary and watch TV news for their coverage. Meanwhile with the onset of the internet there is also another type of media congregation, these are aggregators, for instance we can use RSS feeds to pick out our favourite news sites and feed it to out RSS feeds, or we can use google reader for such purposes.

However, in recent times are new form of content has emerged, these are curators. They perform the important task to sieve through the massive flood of internet information and sieve out the best few articles and not only highlight those articles but also place them side by side with other similar articles with parallel or even sometimes opposite views.  Currently the best at doing this is abnormal returns.  Every working day, Tadas and his team at abnormal returns of the site brings the best of the web ranging from bloggers (who are hedge fund mangers, retail, bankers etc.), mainstream news and even academic journals he believes that are useful and current to today’s market.

In addition he from time to time will bring together articles and write a short commentary on an important topic. Although some my call him useless for not creating new and original content, his importance to the econblogosphere cannot be denied as he sometimes brings new and obscure content which will open your eyes to the wide world of the financial markets.

Some great articles

Mental Models and Pundit Prediction

Content Vs Aggregation Vs Curation

Abnormal Returns 3.0


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