Curation is Important

Business Insider’s, Steve Rosenbaum wrote about Curation being King due to the fact that there was a flood of news all around from facebook, tweeter, Mainstream Newfeeds, bloggers. Almost everyone and everybody is creating content. Hence managing and sieving the bset content is now a premium.  Although I would not go so far as to say as curation is king, I would say a healthy blend of both would be important.  I have also profiled the best Curator of the Web currently here.  For more details between the different types of contents you can refer here.

Notably I recently came across an interesting resource curation platform. Basically it was used during the Haiti earthquake to aggregate all forms of information ranging from SMS, tweets, Facebooks, blogs, wired news.  For each source of news there are various veracity scores (trustworthiness of scores). The higher the score the more likely the news generated would be used.  Ways of tracking veracity included, type of source, whether content from this source matches the other sources, the history of posts from this source and others. For more details refer to the video, here is the link to his curation platform.

Maybe this could be very useful in tracking the markets when there is widespread panic and possibly picking out turning points.  In addition, there are already quantitative algos hunting out key words in online and news  text and exploiting them to trade.

Notably, on the flipside of this, NewsCorp owned by Rupert Murdoch (aka big daddy of WSJ) is now making attempts to create more paywalls for his news content as the viability of the advertisement business through online content is going no where.  However, I think that this might be difficult to achieve especially with the onset of free content on the net.  My sentiments are also reflected in the video below:


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