Blog Profile:¬†Macroresilience, Common Sense Economic Thought

A place of common sense and wisdom, Macroresilence helps to shed light and logic behind the problems of our financial system, and overview of  significant market events and explaining its complexities.  He was also cited by Rajiv Sethi as being an anonymous blogger that understood economics better than some professors.

Some of his suggestions for a better financial systems include paying off whistleblowers in order to uncover fraud:

The focus must be not to keep whistleblowers from losing their jobs but to compensate them sufficiently so that they never have to work again. As it happens, the scale of fraud in financial institutions means that this may even be achieved without spending taxpayer money. The whistleblower may be allowed to claim a small percentage of the monetary value of the fraud prevented from the institution itself, which should be more than sufficient for the purpose.

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