Blog Profile: CXO advisory, Comprehensive research on all forms of investing/trading

CXO Advisory is a wonderful place to get yourself started with investing and trading as they provide explore all quantifiable types of analysis be it being fundamental, technical, behavourial and many other forms of trading/ investing. Some of their noteworthy ideas are also featured here

An interesting section of the blog helps to track a large set of investment gurus from TV, newsletters and bloggers and tries to quantify their accuracies.  As mentioned in my earlier posts, talk is cheap, its easy to justify any direction of the markets be it up or down.  Results are the only way showing ones ability.

There is also a notable column, investing demons where it discusses whether financial market experts can beat the market. There are six aspects to this column

The Demons Drudgery

This sections discusses whether financial market experts can decipher between assets or instruments that offer high or low returns.

The Demons Drayage

This sections discusses about market frictions, which includes trading fees, bid-ask spreads and other transaction costs that impacts returns.

The Demons Due

This section discusses about management fees.

The Demons Dilemma

This section discusses how experts appeal to greed and fear by offering advice that only seems reliable. Research suggests that investing demons can effectively exploit individual investor naiveté and lack of self-confidence.

The Demon’s Defense

In association with claims that they can provide high returns at low risk, financial market experts may engage in active defense with respect to any of their failures.They will say that they were misquoted,  that their forecast will eventually be right somewhere in the future but not now and others.  Some are also encountered in the course of testing a large sample of public forecasts for the U.S. stock market.


This section discusses how one can differentiate good experts from conmen.


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